Renovation / extension

Torö is an addition and renovation of a 90m2 weekend home on Torö, an island in Stockholm’s southern archipelago. The existing house is a catalog home from the early 1970’s built in a mossy clearing on the highest point of Torö. The addition is a 15m2 volume that extends the northern gable facade. The renovation includes a reprogramming of all interior spaces and the construction of a new roof.  

AT–HH has been awarded the 2023 Ung Svensk Arkitektur / Young Swedish Architecture Prize for our work with the project Torö.

The Jury’s movtivation: 
“The architects convey a loving approach to an often overlooked category of Swedish Folkhem’s architecture, without succumbing to nostalgia. Instead, there is a desire to understand and utilise the qualities of the existing, in order to blend them with their own contemporary additions. This demonstrates that a sense of material, unconventional spatial and construction solutions, as well as empathy for the specific conditions of a family constellation, can give a unique momentum to both aesthetics and design methodology. The project achieves artistic heights without making itself ostentatious and shows how even a seemingly insignificant architectural artifact has a past worth understanding - and a future worth developing.”

Images: Isak Berglund Mattsson-Mårn, Malin Valušková Najib