“To be oriented is also to be oriented toward certain objects, those that help us find our way. These are the objects we recognize, such that when we face them, we know which way we are facing. They gather on the ground and also create a ground on which we can gather”

- Sara Ahmed

“Orientations: Toward a Queer Phenomenology”

Atelier Heyman Hamilton is a Stockholm based collaborative practice established by two architects. We work with building, writing, teaching, publishing and exhibitions.

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January, 2023:
AT-HH have received project funding from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden)

June, 2022:
AT-HH have begun work on the renovation of a 1920’s apartment in the Fredhäll area of Stockholm

May, 2022:
AT-HH have begun work on the renovation of a kitchen in Gubbängen, a souther Stockholm suburb

March, 2022:
AT-HH have opened the exhibition The Atlantean Theater, the Rectors and an Anatomical Capital at Spark Gallery, Malmö.

February, 2022:
Malin Heyman’s article, Reconstructing the Anatomical Theatre in Uppsala has been published in the journal Architectural Dissonances

January, 2022:
AT-HH have started work on an extension to a 1970’s “typhus” on Torö, in the southern Stockholm archipelago.

July, 2021:
AT-HH have started work on an extention to a 1970’s “typhus” on Saltarö in the eastern Stockholm archipelago.

February, 2021:
AT-HH have started work on  an extention to a 1950’s “typhus” in the Stockholm suburb of Hökarnängen.

March, 2020:
AT-HH has started work on a weekend home in a landmarked agricultural area in the Knivsta municipality. 

September, 2019:
AT-HH project "Mina Drömmars Stad / City Of My Dreams" is currently being shown as part of the Cities Exhibition curted by Yim Dongwoom and Rafael Luna at this years Seoul Biennale. 

May, 2019:
AT-HH is in residence at the Färgfabriken Open Studio with KTH ABE Urbanism Studies students from the studio CO-OP City: Towards a Future Collective Domestic, taught by Malin Heyman and James Hamilton.

April, 2019:
AT-HH is taking part in the exhibition Architecture Projects: Skeppsbron at ArkDes together with 7 of Stockholm’s leading architecture practices.

September, 2018:
AT-HH have published a review of Yvonne Farrell and Shelley Mc Namara‘s 16th Venice Architecture Biennale for KRITIK.

July, 2018:
AT-HH have started work on the renovation of a 74m2 apartment built during the 60’s in the Stockholm suburb of Hökarängen.

June, 2018:
The project In Hannes Meyer’s Pockets has been published by Socks-Studio.

April, 2018: AT-HH and JDS have started work on the renovation of a 1,000m2 Kasper Salin villa in Stockholm.

October 2, 2017:
AT - HH drawing series Creative Geographies is being presented at the conference and accompanying exhibition Drawing Millions of Plans at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation in Copenhagen. The exhibition is open between November 1, and November 21.