In Hannes Meyer's Pockets is a collaboration between James Hamilton, Andrea Pinochet, Espen Vatn, Richard Øiestad and Børre Mølstad.

Though often overlooked or dismissed, Hannes Meyer (1889 - 1954) was a radical and egalitarian architect that thought of architects as productive individuals who’s purpose is to bridge industrial modes of production and art for the advancement of a collective life through actions of organization.
This project builds on a program for the organization of habitation outlined by Hannes Meyer. The program was published in his 1928 manifesto “Bauen”. The manifesto lists 12 motivations for making and organizing architecture:

1. sex life 2. sleeping habits 3. pets 4. gardening 5. personal hygiene 6. weather protection 7. hygiene in the home 8. car maintenance 9. cooking 10. heating 11. exposure to the sun 12. services